Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christening a New Set

It's really an "old" new set....and not that new either.  You'll notice that we used some of the tiles in our header above when we first started to blog.

It was a birthday gift a few years back and I love it.  It also has 5 beautiful dark green bakelite racks....but no jokers!

So I finally got stickers from Charli and today I put the stickers on some of those incredible worker tiles.  There were also 4 blank tiles to sticker.

Tonight it will see its first play in many, many years! Maybe it will bring me luck.....


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Looking for a game...

Another one of our readers is looking for a regular game.  If you live near Joan and can suggest a game for her, please send her an email.  Everyone needs a Mah Jongg game or maybe two or three!

She writes:

I have seen several people trying to find a game and I am one of those needing a game.  I just moved to Jackson NJ (4 Seasons Metedeconk Lakes) and am looking for a regular game.  I have subbed in several games and will continue to do so, but I would really like a game I could count on every week. Any help is appreciated.  My name is Joan Engoran and my email address is:  joane1224@gmail.com

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year Begins!

The Mah Jongg Doctors wish you the best in 2015!

May the New Year bring you Mah Jongg that knocks your socks off!