Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Solitare Mah Jongg

So, I'm feeling a bit Mah Jongg deprived. A new card and not enough games for me.
A friend in one of my games asked if you could play solitare MJ. I thought, why not??
If you are just learning the game or need to be more familiar with the 2011 card, it could be a help to you. Of course it lacks a lot of the fun of a 'real' game, but here's what I did.
Get out your favorite rack (you only need one) and mix the tiles face down.

Pick 13 tiles at random and arrange them on your rack.

If I were passing in a real game, this would be my first pass. Instead they'll be on my right for discarding.
I've added a 1BAM, so my strategy of saving odd numbers seems to be working.
Now I've added another 7BAM, and have a pair of 1DOTS and a pair of 5DOTS. If I get and 2, 3 or 4 DOTS I'll keep them for the consecutive run, because the hard part of that hand: the pairs are in my hand. (11 222 3333 444 55 the first hand under 'consecutive run')

Now I've added an additional joker and have 2 green dragons to go with the 1BAMS.
So, you might look at the consecutive hand: FFFF 1111 2222 DD I've got the pair of dragons, but NO Flowers and no 2 bams.
What about the LIKE NUMBERS hand? Maybe...but no SOAPS for the pair of 1DOTS...and no 1CRAKS. I'm starting to like the 111 3 555 111 3 555 hand at the bottom of the 13579 section. It's concealed...but I've got some jokers. Remember: the 3s have to be natural (no joker there!) and it must be done in2 different suits.

Yikes! Another Green dragon. But I'm sticking to my 111 3 555 hand.
Could also switch to a 111 333 3333 5555 hand if those tiles come in.
So far I've gotten no 2, 3 or 4 dots for the consecutive run, so that doesn't look promising.

As I discard all of those dragons, I get more jokers and an additional 1DOT and 5DOT....so here I am. Set for MahJongg....all I need is a 3DOT. Even though it's a concealed hand, I can call for that last tile for Mah Jongg.
And here it is:

So, there you have it. Solitaire Mah Jongg. Of course there's no kibitzing, no whining over hands that didn't come in, or a great deal of satisfaction in winning, but you've had some practice with the hands on the card and learned how to move from one hand to another as the tiles dictate!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Game

This is how I open. My first 13 tiles:

F 1BAM, 5BAM, 4Dot, 4Dot, 7Dot, 7Dot, 8Dot, Soap, 8Crak, East, East, & North.
The pair of 4Dots and the pair of 7Dots along with 1 Flower could help me make this hand:
FFFF 3333 + 44 = 7777 (all in one suit) Can you find that on the 2011 card under

As play progresses, I pick a 3Dot to add to that hand. But I also have a nice selection of 3s, 5s, 7s, and 9s....for this hand: 11 333 5555 777 99

Now I've added a 9Dot (so I have the pair) and the 5Craks. I would use the Dots for the 777 99 the craks for the 5555 and the bams for the 11 333 Unfortunately, I don't have any 1Bams...and that's a pair!

Now I've added an additional 7Dot. The 'sevens' hand is looking better. I discard the 3Bams.

With the addition of the 2nd flower, I'm committed to the SEVENS hand. I'll start discarding the other 5Craks and 9Dots.

I pick one more joker and now I'm set to call for everything. 7Dot, 3Dot, or the kong of Flowers.

I pick a flower. Yeah! I don't have to put up a joker with flowers if I need to call and expose.

Now I'm set for MJ. Either a 3Dot, 7Dot or Flower will make it for me.
And, there it is.

A Mah Jongg!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's play

Here's the anatomy of a game.

My first 13 tiles:I've arranged them in suits. I usually don't open with this many jokers. I should look at a quints hand, but for this game, I won't. Craks, dots, then bams in order on my rack.
Don't forget that 'bird' tile is a 1 BAM.

My first discards (or pass in a 4 handed game) would be the 8 crak, 8 bam, and 2 dot.
I'm keeping all odd numbers...except the 8 dot. I like that because it's consecutive with the 9 dot.
After a few more picks, I now have a second 8 dot and 2 soaps. (white dragons)
I'm liking the consecutive hand: FFFF 1111 2222 DD even though I don't have any flowers. BUT, I do have the pair of matching dragons. A good start!
I have finally picked a flower and I do have a lot of jokers...so I'm ready to discard the 1Bam, 3Bam, 3Crak, and 5Crak. Let's see what happens.
Another flower. Good. I would call for the 8 dot now with a joker. I could have called earlier, but wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to this hand. Now I'm ready. Bring on the 8Dot.

I've picked another 8Dot, so I don't have to use a joker. If the last one comes out, I'll call for it.
I will also call for the 9DOT (with 2 jokers) and the Flowers (with 1 joker)
I usually would not call a flower and expose the kong with a joker. It would be too easy for someone to take my joker. BUT, because I am only 2 tiles from MJ and the flower exposure would set me, I would call the flower with a joker.
And there it is...another joker! Unbelievable.
Now I'm SET for Mah Jongg. I need to be ready to call either a flower, an 8Dot or a 9Dot. Any of those will give me the game.
And...a 9DOT does it.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Honeymoon Mah Jongg

I mentioned honeymoon mah jongg in an earlier post.
This is a great time to try it.
Now with the 2011 card, you need practice making the new hands.

Start with all tiles face down. 2 racks. No walls.
Each person picks 13 tiles at random from the table.
Then you just pick and throw until someone makes Mah Jongg.

When you're craving a game and you can't get a group together, it's the next best thing!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The doctors are in!

I know we've been out of touch for awhile, but we're back.

Just found this about the resurgence of Mah Jongg.

Come on youngsters.....you can play Mah Jongg, too!