Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Game

This is how I open. My first 13 tiles:

F 1BAM, 5BAM, 4Dot, 4Dot, 7Dot, 7Dot, 8Dot, Soap, 8Crak, East, East, & North.
The pair of 4Dots and the pair of 7Dots along with 1 Flower could help me make this hand:
FFFF 3333 + 44 = 7777 (all in one suit) Can you find that on the 2011 card under

As play progresses, I pick a 3Dot to add to that hand. But I also have a nice selection of 3s, 5s, 7s, and 9s....for this hand: 11 333 5555 777 99

Now I've added a 9Dot (so I have the pair) and the 5Craks. I would use the Dots for the 777 99 the craks for the 5555 and the bams for the 11 333 Unfortunately, I don't have any 1Bams...and that's a pair!

Now I've added an additional 7Dot. The 'sevens' hand is looking better. I discard the 3Bams.

With the addition of the 2nd flower, I'm committed to the SEVENS hand. I'll start discarding the other 5Craks and 9Dots.

I pick one more joker and now I'm set to call for everything. 7Dot, 3Dot, or the kong of Flowers.

I pick a flower. Yeah! I don't have to put up a joker with flowers if I need to call and expose.

Now I'm set for MJ. Either a 3Dot, 7Dot or Flower will make it for me.
And, there it is.

A Mah Jongg!

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  1. Love your blog....Really loved the honeymoon their a solitare game?? Not sure after last night I can get anyone to play with me!


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