Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's play

Here's the anatomy of a game.

My first 13 tiles:I've arranged them in suits. I usually don't open with this many jokers. I should look at a quints hand, but for this game, I won't. Craks, dots, then bams in order on my rack.
Don't forget that 'bird' tile is a 1 BAM.

My first discards (or pass in a 4 handed game) would be the 8 crak, 8 bam, and 2 dot.
I'm keeping all odd numbers...except the 8 dot. I like that because it's consecutive with the 9 dot.
After a few more picks, I now have a second 8 dot and 2 soaps. (white dragons)
I'm liking the consecutive hand: FFFF 1111 2222 DD even though I don't have any flowers. BUT, I do have the pair of matching dragons. A good start!
I have finally picked a flower and I do have a lot of I'm ready to discard the 1Bam, 3Bam, 3Crak, and 5Crak. Let's see what happens.
Another flower. Good. I would call for the 8 dot now with a joker. I could have called earlier, but wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to this hand. Now I'm ready. Bring on the 8Dot.

I've picked another 8Dot, so I don't have to use a joker. If the last one comes out, I'll call for it.
I will also call for the 9DOT (with 2 jokers) and the Flowers (with 1 joker)
I usually would not call a flower and expose the kong with a joker. It would be too easy for someone to take my joker. BUT, because I am only 2 tiles from MJ and the flower exposure would set me, I would call the flower with a joker.
And there it is...another joker! Unbelievable.
Now I'm SET for Mah Jongg. I need to be ready to call either a flower, an 8Dot or a 9Dot. Any of those will give me the game.
And...a 9DOT does it.

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