Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Learning to read your opponents exposures

One of your opponents calls for a tile and exposes a pung of dragons.
What hand is she playing?  This is the easiest exposure to read on the 2011 card.

There is only one hand on this year's card that contains a pung of dragons. 
11 DD  111 DDD 1111
Now you just have to determine which number the player is using.
Watch what numbers she throws.  Notice which numbers are going out.

You might be able to figure out which number before she calls for another tile to make a second exposure.

Of course other exposures are not quite so easy.  Very often a first exposure does little more than to help you narrow it down to a section of the card.
Its the second exposure that really helps you.  When that is made you need to focus on the section of the card that has those combination.

Some exposures are delightfully enigmatic.  Even after the second exposure it could be two or more different hands.  For example:

222 and 444
This could be a 2468 hand (  222 444 6666 8888)
....or a consecutive numbers hand (11 222 3333 444 55)

333  and   5555   
Could be a consecutive numbers hand 
(333 444 5555 6666   or  222 333 4444 5555)
....or the second hand under 13579  (111 333 3333 5555)
...and there is one more hand it could be...
11 333 5555 777 99

So here's a challenge for you:
your opponent exposes a pung of 8s:  888
There are just 4 hands that this exposure could be.
Can you find them?  Post your answers in the comment section below. 

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