Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lets talk about Mah Jongg and Food!

I'm getting ready for an afternoon of play here at my house.  As hostess...for a game that starts at 1PM and goes until about 5PM...I usually make one dessert, coffee, tea, some cold drinks for those who don't drink coffee..and have some snacks on the playing table.

Because we'll be 5 today, there'll be no 'eating together'....the dessert is out, the coffee made, drinks on the counter with ice for those who want.  When you're the bettor, it's also your turn to snack.  This way we get a full 4 hours of Mah Jongg!  So important for those of us who have the addiction.

So here's the dessert for today....looks fussy..but it's really not.  As long as you have a pastry bag....
Guinness and Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes

That's chocolate ganache piped into holes you cut out of the center. There's Guinness in the chocolate cupcake, and Bailey's in the ganache and the frosting.

It's really a snap with the pastry bag...and I pipe the frosting on, too. Much easier than spreading. These are very rich...but yummy for chocolate lovers!

I also play in an evening game where we have dinner first and sometimes play into the wee that's another story!

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