Saturday, July 30, 2011

so...what do the Mah Jongg doctors do on vacation....

besides play mah jongg?

We find little out of the way places for great breakfast:
 Emily's at Mattie Street.
We loved the great omelets and had a long chat with Emily (above) and her daughter Lauren.  They're doing so well in their tiny place that they're moving soon to larger quarters!

We're leaving the lake house tomorrow.  Sad to go.  Great Mah Jongg and a fun vacation!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It's summer and the doctors have a bit more free time to play Mah Jongg.
Here are a few games we have lined up for the balance of 2011.

August 12 - 14:  Piscataway, NJ  Four Seasons MJ Tournaments
A whole weekend of Mah Jongg!  Starts Friday night with 3 rounds.  Sat. morning after breakfast....3 more rounds.  Lunch!  then 3 rounds in the afternoon.  Free Sat. night to make your own dinner and evening plans.  Then the last 3 rounds on Sunday morning.

September  6 - 8:  Atlantic City, NJ  Four Seasons MJ Tournaments  I'll be there, but not Barbara, who has to work.  Mah Jongg and casinos!  What could be better!  12 rounds from Tuesday night to Thursday morning, with minis on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

October 30:  NYC  Manhattan Mah Jongg Tournament  A one day tournament...lots of fun and a great brunch at One if By Land, Two if By Sea

If you know of any others in the tri-state area, let us know.  We're always happy to add another to our list!

So, are you ready for a tournament?  Can you play a ROUND (4 games) in 50-55 minutes?
Are you familiar with the current card, so you can play quickly and move from one hand to another as you need to?  Maybe it's time to try a one day tournament....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hot or Not?

Lets face it, playing defensively is just as important as making a Mah Jongg.  If you give a player the tile they need for the game, it's over for you.

So lets talk about "hot" tiles.

Factors that make a tile hot:

  • How many are out? (discarded)  None??  Then it could be hot.
  • How far into the game are we?  If there are no 1BAMS on the table and you want to discard one, and you're still picking from the 1st wall, it's probably NOT hot.  If you're on the LAST's most likely HOT.
  • What exposures do you see around the table?  If a player has a pung of 2BAMS and a kong of 3BAMS, then both the 1BAM and the 5BAM are a hot tiles.  A 4BAM could also be hot.
  • A note about this year's card:  A soap might always be hot...even if there's a pung of soaps exposed. Yesterday, I was playing:         FF NNN EW SSS 2011.  A player called and exposed three white dragons.  Was I done for?  NO.  There was no white dragon on the table...and I just needed one more flower so I could call for this concealed hand.  When I picked it I was set.  Now for someone to just throw that last soap.   I figured that if they picked it...they would throw it.  Especially with three already exposed.  And yes, someone did.

    Monday, July 4, 2011

    Playing Tables

    Are we particular, we mah jongg players?  Maybe.  You could say that.

    If you're playing all afternoon or evening, the table is important.  It's not just a matter of comfort, but of being able to play and see ALL of the tiles.  The discards and the exposures of your opponents.

    Here are some guidelines:

    The table should be square.  My table is 36" square.  But a 34" bridge table will work just fine.  It should be small enough so that you can see everything clearly that ON THE TABLE...but large enough to comfortably hold the game, the racks and the player's MJ cards.  If there's a bit of room for small snacks...all the better.

     It should have a covering that is conducive to mixing the tiles and sliding out walls and racks for play.  If you have a wood table like the one above, you would also want a covering that will protect the table.
    I use a table cover that is flannel backed and plastic-like on top.  I've also been in tournaments where they use a regular linen tablecloth.  The tiles mix just fine on that.

     And then you'll need room for MJ cards for each player and finally a few small snacks.  Perfect!
    Now were' ready to play!