Friday, July 15, 2011

Hot or Not?

Lets face it, playing defensively is just as important as making a Mah Jongg.  If you give a player the tile they need for the game, it's over for you.

So lets talk about "hot" tiles.

Factors that make a tile hot:

  • How many are out? (discarded)  None??  Then it could be hot.
  • How far into the game are we?  If there are no 1BAMS on the table and you want to discard one, and you're still picking from the 1st wall, it's probably NOT hot.  If you're on the LAST's most likely HOT.
  • What exposures do you see around the table?  If a player has a pung of 2BAMS and a kong of 3BAMS, then both the 1BAM and the 5BAM are a hot tiles.  A 4BAM could also be hot.
  • A note about this year's card:  A soap might always be hot...even if there's a pung of soaps exposed. Yesterday, I was playing:         FF NNN EW SSS 2011.  A player called and exposed three white dragons.  Was I done for?  NO.  There was no white dragon on the table...and I just needed one more flower so I could call for this concealed hand.  When I picked it I was set.  Now for someone to just throw that last soap.   I figured that if they picked it...they would throw it.  Especially with three already exposed.  And yes, someone did.

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