Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tournament Follow up

Didn't win or place, but I showed up and had fun.

And....just to follow up on my last post about playing outrageous hands:

In the very last round, I opened with:

2 Crak, Soap, 1Crak, 1Crak, 2 Bam, Soap, 1Bam, 1Bam, 1Dot....and a few other tiles.

What could I do!  I had to play it.

I picked another 1Dot, a 2Dot, and two flowers.  Now I'm set to call.  I just need the last Soap!

No Soaps are out.  As I pick and throw, I have this sudden realization.  Someone has a pair of Soaps and they're using them!  Bummer!

I was right.  The player to my left was playing the like numbers hand with 3 soaps and she had 2.
But the thrill of coming SO CLOSE to that hand.....what fun!


  1. Great blog. I just started learning Mah Jongg with my mom in San Francisco Bay Area.

  2. I hope you enjoy the game as much as we do!

    ~The Doctors


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