Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome New Mah Jongg Players!

New Mah Jongg enthusiasts are on the horizon.  Our beginning class started last week and we are so excited for them!

To get them started, let's talk about what to do when you first open your hand of 13 tiles!

Here's a sample hand chosen at random.
First sort the tiles into suits and numerical order.

Jokers on the left.  You probably won't be discarding them.  And you aren't ALLOWED to pass them.  Why would you want to??

Let's look for some tiles that go together.  Same suit?  Same number?  Lots of winds or dragons?

The strength of this hand are the two pairs:  8 BAMS and 9 BAMS...and they're consecutive, too!
It would also be best to keep the 8 CRAK,  9 DOT and Red Dragon.  First passing tiles will be the 5 tiles on the right of the rack...unless of course other tiles come to you that indicate another hand.  Not a simple game, is it!?!

See if you can find hands on the card that would use those tiles.
There are at least 6...maybe more.
A HINT:   All 6 are located in just 4 sections of the card. 

See if you can find them...answer tomorrow.  Knowing those hands will help you know what to keep...and what to pass when the Charleston starts.  And what to keep and throw when the game starts.

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