Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let's do the Charleston!

We're at the halfway mark with our fall class in beginning Mah Jongg.  Last week our students started to play a game.  And in the beginning it's always a challenge to do the Charleston!

Let's review.  The order of passing is written on the back of your card: 
1ST Charleston:
 2ND Charleston (should you choose to continue):
Then:  Courtesy Pass.

Earlier we posted some tips for passing which you can review here.

Before you pass, arrange your tiles in suits on your rack.  This helps you to see the strength in your hand...if there is one!

Last night I opened with this!

 No pairs, a real mix of tiles. Sometimes I rearrange to see the number families more clearly.  Like this:  Winds, even numbers, odd numbers.

Still not much to work with.  I decide to pass the last three tiles as my FIRST RIGHT.  5BAM, 7CRAK, and 9BAM.  Maybe I'll get winds...or more even numbers from the player on my left.

BUT....instead I get 5BAM, 7BAM and 9DOT.

I decide to be bold.  I keep the odd numbers and begin passing away the winds and appropriate mixtures.  A 2CRAK, SOUTH, and 6BAM together. You can only change course like this early in the passing.  I was hoping to get my first 5BAM back again.  What you pass on the FIRST RIGHT won't make it back to you again until the LAST RIGHT.  And maybe never, if another player decides to keep it.

KEEP THE RED DRAGON.  There are dragons needed in some of the 13579 hands.

As the passing proceeds I pick up another RED, 7DOT, and 9DOT.

Do you see the hand that's coming in?

55 777 DDDD 777 99
And it did, too. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

So here are the answers to the challenge from the last post.  Sorry this wasn't posted right away.

Four of the possibilities (and the strongest ones) are in the Consecutive Run section of the card:
There are lots of choices here.  This is where you would most likely end up.

55 666 7777 888 99
in all BAMS…of course.

11 22 111 222 DDDD
as:  88 99 888 9999 DDDD (3 suits…opposite dragon)
this is have the pairs of 88 BAMS and 99 you will need more 8's and 9's in dots if you use the red dragons....

111 222 3333 4444
as:  666 777 8888 9999 
8's and 9's in BAMS....6's and 7's in either CRAKS or DOTS

FFFF 1111 2222 DD
as:  FFFF 8888 9999 DD
You'll need Flowers and a PAIR of Green Dragons.

You can only use one number...either the eights OR nines..but you have an additional one of each number.
 11 DD  111 DDD 1111
of course you would do this hand with either 8's or 9's, depending upon what comes in
(That's why you keep the red dragon)

A long shot hand…but what if you suddenly pick a ton of jokers?  It could happen.
11111 2222 33333
This would be done with:
77777 8888 99999  (3 suits) depending upon whether more 9 BAMS or 8BAMS come in.

another longshot…if you DON'T get any more jokers:

998 99887 998877 (3 suits)