Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Report from the Tournament

Susan here, in Atlantic City at the American Mah Jongg Association's:  Inaugural Champion Tournament - North American Tournament of Mah-Jongg

I'm EAST at table 16 and we began yesterday afternoon with 4 rounds (16 games)

You know those hands you get dealt that start with 3 suits, no pairs, no jokers, no direction?  That was the rule for me and I think I may have set a new record:  NO mah jongg's in 16 games.  

I did get a few points for wall games....may 20. (10 per wall game) and I gave mah jongg once.  10 point penalty.

So, I'm off again this morning with renewed enthusiasm.  I played with some lovely women yesterday and had a great time meeting new people.   

 More later after another round of play! 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Mah Jongg Players

We are so thankful for our Mah Jongg friends.

Some of our best times are getting together for an evening or afternoon of Mah Jongg and chatting about what's new in our lives.  Sharing our joys and concerns.

We are forever linked to our Mah Jongg teachers and those we have played with through the years.
We pause to remember those who are no longer with us.

We take up the charge to carry on the Mah Jongg tradition.

So if you're lucky enough to have family members who play....get to it after the turkey.

Let the men clean up and get the set out and play the afternoon away.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Barbara and Susan

Sunday, November 20, 2011

For "bettor" or worse

As bettors make their rounds in our game there is often some chit chat:

"Oh, this is so hard" (everyone has a good hand or no one has a good hand)
"The walls must be rich" (no one has jokers)
"Let me look one more time"  (do players have each other's tile)

Then this happened at our game last Friday night.

As the bettor viewed each hand she came to mine and said "I see a problem there"
 Here's what I had at the end of the passing:

J F 6  777 888 99 9 7
Of course I knew she meant my missing 5 DOTS.

But when she made a similar remark to another player, I had the strong feeling that someone else had my 5 DOTs and was probably using them.

As the game proceeded, I began to plan for an alternate hand.
I picked another 7 DOT, then another Flower.
I'm still good for the consecutive hand (55 666 7777 888 99)....but also open for :

FFFF 7777 8888 DD

Then I pick a soap, and the 4th  8 DOT.   I use my joker to call for the Kong of flowers and wait for someone to throw a soap!

Done!  I make the Mah Jongg.

So bet in silence or you might change the outcome of the game.  Resist ALL temptation to comment.

More about betting another post.
For Bettor or Worse Part Two (what do players say/do while bettor is betting?)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Try not to expose yourself!

To expose or not to expose.  That's a tough question.  Lots of discussion about this ensues when a game is over in our group.

"Why did you expose a kong of flowers with 2 jokers?  You know those jokers are up for grabs!"

"Once you exposed those 3 dragons....I knew exactly which hand you were doing."

4 Flowers and a Kong of  7DOTS....probably a Sevens Hand....or maybe 2 consecutive numbers with matching dragons.

Here are a few tips for exposures.  These are strategies....not rules.  Adapt as necessary.

  • Expose with jokers if you're close to Mah Jongg
  • Make a second exposure that can be more than one hand.
  • make an obvious exposure toward the end of the game (even if you can't win) to keep other players from throwing a tile they think you need  and thereby giving up their own hand. (be careful about including 'hot' jokers in that exposure....it could give another player Mah Jongg)

  •  Expose a pung with a joker early in the game or when the first of that tile goes out.You still have one more chance to get that tile and you're offering up that joker to someone else
  •  Expose a kong of flowers with jokers (unless you're really close to Mah Jongg.)
  • Expose a kong with 2 jokers when two more of those tiles are still out.  Putting jokers within the reach of other players can give them a mah jongg!
  • Expose too early if you're not sure which hand you want to play.  Sometimes an exposure fits with 2 or 3 of the hands you're playing.  Then go for it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back on Land

It was a wonderful cruise, but no Mah Jongg.

No set in the game room and didn't find anyone playing.  (I've been know to hang around a game on a ship, in hopes that they'll ask me to sit it)

I think if I had taken my set and put it out in the game room, I could have found some players.  I agree with Donna.  They should have a bulletin board somewhere (maybe the ship library) where you could post that you were looking for players!

There were almost 2400 passengers on the ship.  There must have been some Mah Jongg players!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Out of the Office

When one of the doctors goes out of town, what does she pack?

Her mah jongg card, of course!

I'll be on a cruise to the Bahamas for the next week.  I've sometimes found a Mah Jongg set in the game room on a cruise ship, but no cards.  I always want to be prepared for a pick up game.

See you in a week.  Rested and relaxed.

~ Susan