Sunday, November 20, 2011

For "bettor" or worse

As bettors make their rounds in our game there is often some chit chat:

"Oh, this is so hard" (everyone has a good hand or no one has a good hand)
"The walls must be rich" (no one has jokers)
"Let me look one more time"  (do players have each other's tile)

Then this happened at our game last Friday night.

As the bettor viewed each hand she came to mine and said "I see a problem there"
 Here's what I had at the end of the passing:

J F 6  777 888 99 9 7
Of course I knew she meant my missing 5 DOTS.

But when she made a similar remark to another player, I had the strong feeling that someone else had my 5 DOTs and was probably using them.

As the game proceeded, I began to plan for an alternate hand.
I picked another 7 DOT, then another Flower.
I'm still good for the consecutive hand (55 666 7777 888 99)....but also open for :

FFFF 7777 8888 DD

Then I pick a soap, and the 4th  8 DOT.   I use my joker to call for the Kong of flowers and wait for someone to throw a soap!

Done!  I make the Mah Jongg.

So bet in silence or you might change the outcome of the game.  Resist ALL temptation to comment.

More about betting another post.
For Bettor or Worse Part Two (what do players say/do while bettor is betting?)

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