Sunday, November 6, 2011

Out of the Office

When one of the doctors goes out of town, what does she pack?

Her mah jongg card, of course!

I'll be on a cruise to the Bahamas for the next week.  I've sometimes found a Mah Jongg set in the game room on a cruise ship, but no cards.  I always want to be prepared for a pick up game.

See you in a week.  Rested and relaxed.

~ Susan


  1. I was on a cruise last week and brought 2 cards. I had no way of knowing if anyone else on the ship knew how to play and found no srt. I suggested they have a bulletin board where we could post such interests and perhaps get up a game.

  2. Just returned, Donna, and found no players on my cruise,either. I also took two cards....there wasn't even a set in the game room! Come on, folks! More of you need to learn Mah Jongg!

    Cruise was great, though!


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