Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Report from the Tournament

Susan here, in Atlantic City at the American Mah Jongg Association's:  Inaugural Champion Tournament - North American Tournament of Mah-Jongg

I'm EAST at table 16 and we began yesterday afternoon with 4 rounds (16 games)

You know those hands you get dealt that start with 3 suits, no pairs, no jokers, no direction?  That was the rule for me and I think I may have set a new record:  NO mah jongg's in 16 games.  

I did get a few points for wall games....may 20. (10 per wall game) and I gave mah jongg once.  10 point penalty.

So, I'm off again this morning with renewed enthusiasm.  I played with some lovely women yesterday and had a great time meeting new people.   

 More later after another round of play! 


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