Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Try not to expose yourself!

To expose or not to expose.  That's a tough question.  Lots of discussion about this ensues when a game is over in our group.

"Why did you expose a kong of flowers with 2 jokers?  You know those jokers are up for grabs!"

"Once you exposed those 3 dragons....I knew exactly which hand you were doing."

4 Flowers and a Kong of  7DOTS....probably a Sevens Hand....or maybe 2 consecutive numbers with matching dragons.

Here are a few tips for exposures.  These are strategies....not rules.  Adapt as necessary.

  • Expose with jokers if you're close to Mah Jongg
  • Make a second exposure that can be more than one hand.
  • make an obvious exposure toward the end of the game (even if you can't win) to keep other players from throwing a tile they think you need  and thereby giving up their own hand. (be careful about including 'hot' jokers in that could give another player Mah Jongg)

  •  Expose a pung with a joker early in the game or when the first of that tile goes out.You still have one more chance to get that tile and you're offering up that joker to someone else
  •  Expose a kong of flowers with jokers (unless you're really close to Mah Jongg.)
  • Expose a kong with 2 jokers when two more of those tiles are still out.  Putting jokers within the reach of other players can give them a mah jongg!
  • Expose too early if you're not sure which hand you want to play.  Sometimes an exposure fits with 2 or 3 of the hands you're playing.  Then go for it.


  1. I love your tips. They are good reminders of what to do and what not to do and I alway learn something. I should pass them on to my mah jongg friends, but hmmm......

  2. That's a question. should I share my strategies??


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