Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mah Jongg Doctors attend a Seminar: pronounced [tournament]

Whenever an excess of 150 Mah Jongg players converge for a weekend of competitive play, it's always a learning experience!

Here are just a few observations from this past weekend in Piscataway, NJ at Joanne Bourne's tournament.  See her schedule here.  BTW....we love Joanne's tournaments!  She provides a wonderful Mah Jongg experience!

Back to our 'seminar'....

1.  Lightening does strike twice!
            When a player makes the 'big' hand [FF 2011 2011 2011]
            TWICE in one round (four games) you know that it does!

2.  Don't Count your Chickens
           When you open with this (after the passing) [ F 22 44 66 88 8 8]
           Don't assume that you will make the hand.  Even if you pick up      
           another 8 BAM (which I did) .....Because while you're waiting for a
           flower or an 8 crack to set you for calling the last tile,
           all of the 8 cracks could go out...and they did!
           Even when you open with a beautIful hand,
           there are NO GUARANTEES!

3.  It's Not Over Till It's Over
         Keep your head in the game until the last tile is thrown.
        A player can make Mah Jongg on the last tile in the wall, or the last tile

4.  All's Fair in Love and Mah Jongg
           Yes, its a game.  We are friendly players.  We play by the rules,
           we live by the rules and sometimes we're called dead by the rules.
           That's how the game is played even by nice people!
           Don't be afraid to call a player dead who makes an incorrect exposure
           or has too many or too few tiles!

5.  It's How You Play the Game!
           Mah jongg is a competitive game.  We all like to win.
           But win or lose in the end we love playing good Mah Jongg.
           The doctors played 48 games of Mah Jongg this weekend.
           Each game was challenging, kept our adrenaline going, we played and
           strategized until the very last tile was thrown.

And you want to know how we fared at this tournament?   We had a great time!!

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  1. Thanks Mahj MDs for these tips. I love these words of wisdom and it makes me feel better that I've also been called dead once or twice in my tournament play...woops, but best way to learn :)


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