Sunday, April 1, 2012

The 2012 Card is here!

When the card arrived in the mail yesterday, right on schedule, the doctors met to evaluate and diagnose.

Some of our findings:
  • There are 9 hands on the 2012 card that are the same as on the 2011 card.
  • There are only 7 hands that have NO singles or pairs.
  • As always, there are some hands that have returned from years past.

The doctors are personally pleased to welcome back some of those favorites.
In particular:

FFFF 1111 9999 DD  (We've missed you ones and nines!!)
The Elevens Hands....(we love seeing you again)

So, if your card has arrived it's time to review and become familiar with the new hands.

Our prescription for you:

Get a game together asap.  If that's not possible, play with a friend.  With two players, just pick 13 tiles each, no walls, and pick and throw until one of you makes a hand.
Even by yourself, you can randomly select 13 tiles and pick and throw until you make a hand.

Either way, you'll get a head start on learning the new card.