Sunday, August 26, 2012

Winding down after a tournament

Summer is winding down and the doctors have just returned from one of our favorite tournaments in Piscataway, New Jersey.  It is run by Joanne Bourne of Four Seasons Mah Jongg Tournaments
and is a very well organized event.  We love a whole weekend of Mah Jongg!

A tournament is always a learning experience for the Doctors.

Here are some of our thoughts as this one ended.
Some Do's and Don'ts of a Tournament.


Make sure your set is clean if you're EAST.  No one likes to play with schmutzy tiles.

Be friendly, say hello and acknowledge all of the players at your table.

Play your best, most defensive mah jongg through to the very last game.

Remember :  everything you do can be a potential sign to other players.
  • how you pass the tiles (do you pick them up and pass on without adding to your hand?)
  • how / where you put the tiles in your hand
  • how you pick and throw(do you sometime exchange tile in your hand even though it's not one you need?)
Consider that players comments can be purposefully misleading.


Discuss your lack of jokers

Tell your table mates that you're giving them a 'beautiful' pass...and then tell them to 'break it up' if they choose to pass it on.

Be rude if a player who has stopped the passing asks to option tiles with you after the Charleston.  Just politely say, "No Thanks!"

Deal the tiles for players when you're EAST (without asking first).  Some folks don't like anyone to touch their tiles.

And a Golden Rule:

A person's need to discuss their hand after the game far exceeds others' willingness to listen.


  1. One week could your please describe how tournaments work. We are all fairly new and play once or twice a week but are curious about tournaments. How are they organized? How Big? What do the cost? Are their winnings? Pros and Cons? How do you know if you are ready to try one? Any information would be most appreciated.

  2. That would be a great post, Darcie, and we'll work on that.

    Thanks for posting!

    ~The Doctors


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