Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Consider this

You are playing the following hand at a tournament:

11 222 11 222 3333

You have exposed 888 and 9999

You have these tiles in your hand:

77 88 and 77
you just need an 8 dot for Mah Jongg.

It comes down to the last tile of the game.
You pick a SOAP.  You don't want to discard it because it is a hot tile.
You can't win because there are no more tiles.
You don't want to throw an 8 dot, because there are none out and it could be hot.
There are two 7 craks out and two 7 dots out, but you have your pairs.

You throw a 7 dot and another player calls you dead, because there are already 2 of each  on the table.

Are you dead?

If you are,  it means you can't collect the 10 points for a wall game that all of the other players will get.

By throwing your seven dot, you are technically dead, because there are no more.....BUT....its the last tile of the game.

What do you think??



  1. That's a good one for the tournament maven, Gladys...WWGD?

  2. Cheri Neiman Tournament Director Mah Jongg Kalahari - November 9-011, 2012 Wisconsin Dells

    If the above players throws a 7 dot/crak an alert player at the table may call her dead and the the call would be correct even though it is the last tile of the game.

    Are most players that alert on the last tile???? Maybe not, but do you want to take the chance???

  3. Yikes, sounds pretty cut-throat to me. I don't think I would want to be playing in this group. I'm in it for the fun.

    1. Donna, Didn't mean it to sound cut throat. This happened to one of the Doctors in a tournament. It raised an interesting question about the game. Just wondered what others thought.

      MJ Dr.


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