Saturday, May 31, 2014


That's what we call the last hand on the card.  On each new card it's based on the year hand.
This year:

FF 2014 2014 2014

I hear people talk at tournaments about how they've made the hand 3 times this year....or twice last month.
Someone at a tournament usually makes it...there's a bonus if you do.  

Well.  This doctor has never made the BIG HAND in the 12 years that I've been playing.


I ended the passing with this:

I decided not to option the 2 dragons because if I picked jokers I might do the
FF 2014 DDD DDD hand.

I picked 2 soaps in quick succession...and then waited until a player threw the 4BAM.  Voila!

It was fun...and I feel like I've joined the BIG HAND CLUB.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mah Jongg Tournaments come to Atlanta, GA

This doctor is in Atlanta this weekend for Mah Jongg....(and to visit daughter Jessica and 5 month old Finn!)

Gladys Grad of Mah Jongg Madness held a tournament here this weekend at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia and I was here for her first foray into Atlanta.

It was a lovely hotel and a great tournament.  I'm sure she'll do others here in the future.

Check out Gladys' website at the link above for more tournament information.

So, I came by myself and thought I would not know anyone here.  But it's always fun to meet new MJ players.

But there is a kind of 'circuit' in the mah jongg world and who do I  see upon arrival the first night but Karen and Helen. (from Texas)  Barbara and I met them on the Mah Jongg cruise both that we took in March.  That was a 14 day cruise to Barcelona with 9 sea days...and 9 days of Mah Jongg!  Oh, and we loved the port stops, too!  It was sponsored by Lois Madow of the American Mah Jongg League.

Later I played with Eileen (from Philadelphia) who plays in the Four Seasons Mah Jongg tournaments sponsored by Joanne Bourne in New Jersey,  Atlantic City and Lancaster, PA.  So there...a third person I knew. more...Beryl (from NYC) was there, too.  She also plays in the Jersey tournaments.

I met some lovely players and had a fun time.  No prize for me this time.

If you happen to be in Atlanta and want to learn Mah Jongg, I met Michele Frizzell who teaches in the greater Atlanta area.  You can reach her at the link above.

On another note,  the doctors are teaching private lessons this summer in Westchester County.
We have a group of eight all ready to start in July.  If you and some friends have always wanted to learn, email us for details!

~ Susan