Sunday, June 8, 2014

Debriefing from Piscataway

The tournament is over and we're home from Piscataway.  We didn't win but we got to play lots of Mah Jongg with great, fast players.  Thanks to Joanne for arranging another super tournament!

When we arrived on Friday the tournament room was buzzing with activity as 41 tables got ready for the 1st round of play.  (That's 164 players.)

Barbara and I surveyed the room as though we were in a Mah Jongg Museum!  Each table has a different Mah Jongg set supplied by the East at that table.

As we photographed some of the sets we asked if the owners would tell us about their set. 
 It became apparent that players are very connected to their sets and were happy to tell us about them. 

 Many are chosen for the color or design of the tiles. 
 Often players want their jokers personalized.

 Sometimes sets are passed from one Mah Jongg player to another and have developed special meaning given the people who played with them before.
 Some sets reflect the personalities of their owners.
 We saw so many beautiful sets.  Too many to put up here. 

But if you're looking for a new've got lots to consider when choosing!

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