Monday, June 30, 2014

From Westchester to Pearl East

Chinese food and Mah Jongg go together.  This afternoon the Mah Jongg Doctors took a road trip from the northern reaches of Westchester County to Pearl East in Manhasset, NY.  We tucked into some of the best Chinese food we've had in a long time.

The owner ordered a variety of dishes for us and we dined on:

  • Rice paper shrimp rolls

  • Crabmeat and pork Shanghai soup dumplings
  Each dumpling is served on its own spoon.
(these were so good, they were gone before we could photograph them)

  • Thin sliced beef with leeks and hot peppers 
  • Barbeque jumbo shrimp with scallions, ginger and mixed vegetables
  • Young Chow fried rice with Chinese sausage, chicken and shrimp

We shamelessly photographed our meal and left totally satisfied.  Only a game of Mah Jongg could have made the afternoon better!

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