Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ALMOST a Mah Jong doesn't count!

Here's another interesting situation that occurred to me in a recent game.

I ended the passing like this:

 What a beautiful start to this hand:  
3333 44 44 44 5555
I do need a few more jokers or 3 and 5 dots....but the pairs are all there!

Then, after just a few rounds of play, I start picking 3's and I have this!

Now it looks better for this hand, because I'm still quite short on 3 and 5 dots.
33 44 333 444 5555

And finally I am 'set'!  The hand has come in beautifully!  I just need someone to throw a 3 BAM.

 BUT.....someone declares Mah Jongg before me and the game is over.  

It happens.  You think you're on the brink of winning.  There are many tiles yet to play....but who knows how far down the wall that 3 BAM resides!


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