Sunday, August 10, 2014


I do.  But many times in a tournament, I hear people say:  I HATE this game.

They can't mean that....maybe it's the dilemmas that frustrate them.

The Dilemma.  Here's one.

 I am in good shape for either of two hands:  55 77 555 777 9999  OR  77 88 777 888 9999

I just need to pair either the 5 or 7 crack.....or the 7 or 8 crak.   I don't want to call the pung of 5 bams or 8 bams until I have one of my pairs.   Just hoping the next tile I pick will show me the way to go...

But no!  My next pick is a joker.  Still no direction.  I have a dilemma.  Which way to go.
I just have to make a choice.  Which would you do?  And how would you decide!

I think the dilemmas that occur in the game make it more interesting and constantly new.



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