Monday, November 17, 2014

The Doctors are Back!

We have been busy!

We just wrapped up our fall semester Beginning Mah Jongg Class offered through the Lakeland Central School District Continuing Education Program. What wonderful, enthusiastic students they were. We wish them luck as they join the ranks of Mah Jongg lovers!!

And, we have been playing in tournaments.... what fun! 

In October, we were in Atlantic City for Four Season's three day tournament at Resorts Casino. As always, Joanne Bourne's careful planning and attention to details made for a super tournament. 

In November, we stayed closer to home and attended one-day tournaments at the JCC in West Nyack and Women of SSTTE in Scarsdale.  Both tournaments were wonderful and we look forward to their next events. (Susan came in third place in the West Nyack tournament)

All these tournaments vary a bit in the rules they set forth, their scoring techniques, and the prize structure. But what remains consistent are the players...all are good, fast players...all would like to win!! To that end, we know that some players hope to channel good luck through:
  • lucky socks
  • special jewelry
  • lucky shirt or sweater
  • mah jongg themed apparel
  • lucky manicured nails
  • family picture or talisman
  • lucky pen for scoring
And then we observed people engaging in rituals designed to bring good fortune their way. We've seen some players knock on the table before picking up their tiles, and others who slide their tile away from the wall and rub it on the table before they look at it.  But, by far the wildest ritual observed was that of a woman who after throwing in her tiles and mixing them around in preparation for building new walls, would sift through the tiles looking for 2 jokers.  She would take a joker in each hand and gently rub them against her chest!!

Whatever it is that you do, may you always have good luck and good mah jongg!!

~ Barbara and Susan