Friday, February 27, 2015

Bubbe's March Madness Sale

We've mentioned this new book before, but this month Karen Gooen is offering a special discount to our readers who would like a copy.  Searching for Bubbe Fischer is fun and entertaining, but also offers strategy for learning the NEW CARD!

We've ordered our copies of the new card, have you?  By this time of year the doctors are yearning for some new hands!

Here is Karen's special offer to our readers:

Between MARCH 1st and APRIL 10th, email me directly at and say "The Doctors sent me" to order the book for $14 ($15 in New Jersey) plus $3 shipping and handling - almost a 20% discount off the price. I accept credit cards through PayPal, or checks through US mail. If you are interested in buying multiple copies, we can arrange an even better discount!

This is an opportunity to buy this if you haven't already or purchase some as gifts for Mah Jongg friends!

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