Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Doctors meet Bubbe Fischer!

We have posted previously about the book Searching for Bubbe Fischer by Karen Gooen. Yesterday the doctors traveled across the river (the Hudson) to meet Karen for lunch.

We had a delightful time comparing mah jongg stories and mah jongg blogs. (Karen's blog)

And of course we each had our own story about how we each came to play this addicting game.

left to right:  Susan, Barbara, Karen

Today the doctors traveled to the Bronx and participated in a tournament to benefit Riverdale Temple.  We played 6 rounds, had a wonderful lunch and met Linda Fisher  (another blogger) who was overseeing the tournament. 

The Doctors were very successful in their 'rounds' today!  Barbara won the hand of the day and came in third and Susan tied for first place.

As this was Riverdale's first tournament, we wish them luck with future Mah Jongg events.

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