Sunday, January 10, 2016

Something for Everyone...Even Comedy At Night!!

We are so excited about the cruise we are planning because there will be something for everybody!

First of all, the price is wonderful!

For sure, we plan to play Mah Jongg every sea day, for several hours each day.  And we would love to get as large a group as possible to join in the fun.  Though not a tournament, we already have a room reserved for our games, and we have also been tossing around ideas to make the games a little different from our weekly home games.

And if you’re not a mah jongg player??

There’s plenty of time on the sea days to take advantage of life aboard the ship with your friends and family.  It is truly a luxury to be able to disconnect and relax or take advantage of the many activities available on the ship.

This cruise is making 6 wonderful stops before its final Copenhagen destination.
We will be posting information about each stop over the next few weeks.

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