Thursday, February 25, 2016

Day 12 of Transatlantic Cruise

On April 29th we'll be stopping in A Coruna, Spain.  I love to check out port reviews on Cruise Critic, but A Coruna must be a new stop for the cruise lines, because it's not listed here and there are no reviews of the shore excursions on the Holland site.  But click on the city name above and you'll find some information that I discovered. BTW....this city is often called La Coruna.

But the weather should be warm and what's not to like about Spain??  If you're already booked on this cruise, you can enter your booking number on the Holland America site and look at the shore excursions. There are only 3 and they're very expensive...unless you travel to the ancient Roman fortified city of Lugo for $118. per person.

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